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Pre 1990 coaches our specialty

" Mr Glasparts says "are you considering buying an 1990 or older coach to restore, or do you already own a classic?" Call us an find out if windshields are available. Always a good question. A motorhome without usable windshield is never good. It is not roadworthy. We can assist and answer any glass question you have Call us at 503 254 9694

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August 17 2017

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August 13 2017

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August 13 2017

Ok this is personal.. my great grandsons and their daddy on their first camping trip..  This is how memories are made, this is how connections to the great outdoors are forged..  Camping, RVing, whatever you want to call it is important.  My childhood memories are of so many camp grounds, being with friends, hiking, camp cooking, just hearing the creek outside the campfire.  This is what we support, this is what makes a difference.. Let's get those kids out there!!

August 13 2017

August 13, 1987.. ha ha a date that will go down in infamy.. Actually it was a day that would change the direction of my life. I was working a booth at an Oregon Glass Assc. convention in Seaside. I was introduced to Doug the manager of the PPG distribution center that my company bought product from. That industry connection lead to the friendship and realization we shared an interest in replacement motorhome windshields, which eventually lead to the creation of RV Glasparts. Domino effect.  

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